Tuesday, June 05, 2007

& persona

Murmur. Strands of hair woven in tulle. Her pear tree, nascent and removed. It is a cage, we argue, this swallowing center most illuminated by nests. What song? The woman you heard me saying me saying. What tine? Initial clap of the bell. You descend on me, still falling, still hovering. Perched. Who sings? Don’t answer so quickly. Standing among my others. Which one of me is being lost? On occasion, I call myself “her” because she is a multiple of three. Capture me moving, you can see the trinity. Beginning to shudder.


Brian Dobbins said...

Ms Carignan,

I was searching through some pictures and came across Chris' picture of the "Roots" cover. I fell in love with it instantly. I am in the process of starting a t-shirt company and would absolutely love to put this on one of my t-shirts. Let me know your thoughts on this and if I can receive an original copy of the artwork. I look forward to hearing form you. Thanks!

Brian Dobbins

P.S. I enjoyed your writing in June that was "For Brian", haha.

poetzie said...

This is my brother's piece, but I'll talk to him about it. He already has a store at cafe press- he has a website with a lot of other artwork at chriscarignan.com. His contact info is there as well.