Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the perfect use of a semicolon

It is billowing like a butterfly; my attention is flying.
Guarantee a snowstorm; go fishing early.
You dreamed you were on a seashore; you are really on a staircase.
The broken thought is finishing; the thought is done.
He could not handle the embrace; he would have cried and shaken.
He cried and shook; his shaking was electric.
I wish for undertones; please understand.
Undertow; under snow.
You dream you are a carefully constructed grammar; you fragment.
Finding his pulse is the hardest part; he used to be faster than seasons.
The thing you search for is here; you search for spiraling punctuation.
Please wait for the children; they are coming.
Help me; I am shaking.
Her secret is downstairs; her downstairs is a clear conversation.
I love him; he is not correct.
Go to the seashore; they are waiting for you there.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Consistently Astonished

I'm both astonished and extremely comforted by the fact that people still read this blog, even though I have been so remiss in posting. Like my own little cyber-support group. That I have been doing more thinking than writing is not necessarily a good thing, especially since the culmination of all this thinking will soon be a lot of writing-- fast, time-pressured writing-- the mere thought of that is enough to make me mad (mad in the British sense, not angry, though there is a bit of that, I suppose). This is to say that the few loyal visitors are so very extremely appreciated, and I wish I had more to offer these days in terms of profound realizations and insightful poems, but alas, all I have is astonishment.

Same as it ever was. . .

Friday, February 03, 2006

A quick update

I'm still alive, though not blogging much or really keeping up with other blogs. . .sorry guys. I'll come back gangbusters in April when these exams are over. I can;t even imagine life without the burden of studying. Aaah. Can't wait.

Looks like Scott Glassman and I will be in the upcoming edition of Dusie, thanks to Scott's submission efforts of our collaborative piece. We're pretty excited about it, especially since they responded in less than 24 hours. Scott and I agree that it's a new record, for us anyway. It should be out in mid-February, so stay tuned.

Mostly, I've been reading hermit-like and thinking about big, complicated ideas and meanwhile not able to compose a simple sentence. I'm reading my favorite book of all time, Theresa Cha's Dictee so all is right with the world :) It's even on my list!

I'm also applying to several teaching positions in Colorado, some community colleges, some Universities. We'll see if I get any interviews. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Hopefully more later, but who knows. LOTS left to read, and only two months to do it.