Thursday, September 13, 2007

& if I can find my pen

The summary was a new type of writing. They splintered as they swam, swollen like a humidity-injected plank of cedar. I began to word so hard it came out as a word, which was unexpected and trite. Bearing down, they peeled the pieces, the pages, the awkward dust from the book, which may as well have been a dictionary. He does not know how to use the phonebook and is lost in its heft. None of them look at the camera. None of them put their names at the top of their papers. None of them list their satisfactions, their new ability to define.

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Tabitha Dial said...

I love how this ends, those last sentences.

I am working on a paper for grad school -- I'm looking at how poets and visual artists use their blogs and I would very much like to send my questions to you.

But I don't have an e-mail address. Maybe what would be more fun would be to have the interview be a blog you post to your site? It seems appropriate, so if you would like to, here are my questions (if you can respond by the end of the month, that will be wonderful). Thank you so much:

How do blogs and social networking sites like MySpace and EveryDayMatters inspire you?

How does this technology educate you?

How do you use these technologies -- for networking, publicity, honing your craft, broadcasting news, etc.?

Do you feel the Internet is a helpful media for artists and poets?

Have you made new contacts with like-minded people through the Internet? How has this changed your identity as a creative person?

How would you define your blog -- as an archive, a letter to the world or something else?

Do you think poets or visual artists make more use of these media? Why and how?

Who are some bloggers that you think exemplify the potential of blogs?

What elements do you think make for an interesting or successful poetry blog? An interesting or successful visual arts blog?

What is the URL for your blog/site (I would like to link to your blog from mine as a thank you for your help) and how long have you been blogging?

Do you have any tips or insights you would like to share with creative people who want to blog or make their blogs more interesting?