Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the perfect use of a semicolon

It is billowing like a butterfly; my attention is flying.
Guarantee a snowstorm; go fishing early.
You dreamed you were on a seashore; you are really on a staircase.
The broken thought is finishing; the thought is done.
He could not handle the embrace; he would have cried and shaken.
He cried and shook; his shaking was electric.
I wish for undertones; please understand.
Undertow; under snow.
You dream you are a carefully constructed grammar; you fragment.
Finding his pulse is the hardest part; he used to be faster than seasons.
The thing you search for is here; you search for spiraling punctuation.
Please wait for the children; they are coming.
Help me; I am shaking.
Her secret is downstairs; her downstairs is a clear conversation.
I love him; he is not correct.
Go to the seashore; they are waiting for you there.


Justin Evans said...

This is great!

You are able to give us wonderful imagery while at the same time forcing us to consider the role of the semi-colon. Even better, while I am forced to consider the semi-colon, I don't dwell upon it because the images you give are just that good.

Thank you for posting this

poetzie said...

Thanks, Jusin. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of this "exercise" for me. . .

Scott Glassman said...

i like this too-- has a great sense of discontinuity