Friday, February 10, 2006

Consistently Astonished

I'm both astonished and extremely comforted by the fact that people still read this blog, even though I have been so remiss in posting. Like my own little cyber-support group. That I have been doing more thinking than writing is not necessarily a good thing, especially since the culmination of all this thinking will soon be a lot of writing-- fast, time-pressured writing-- the mere thought of that is enough to make me mad (mad in the British sense, not angry, though there is a bit of that, I suppose). This is to say that the few loyal visitors are so very extremely appreciated, and I wish I had more to offer these days in terms of profound realizations and insightful poems, but alas, all I have is astonishment.

Same as it ever was. . .


Felicia said...

you are kicking ass! Keep it up girl. I will call you soon, things are a little nutty hear and it was good to hear your voice in the middle of it.
big hugs!

Anonymous Poet said...

Yep! We're still here. Keep writing! : )