Friday, September 09, 2005

35 and counting

After today's note in the mail from the Indiana Review that their submission period begins on October 1st (a little later than most, no? Though I should have double-checked.) I figured out that I currently have 35 submissions out to publications right now. Granted, about 15 of these went out in the last two weeks, but before today's "note," I had yet to recieve any sort of response from any of these publications for over three weeks-- not a single thing. For all practical purposes, an empty mailbox. I stuck pretty well to my three submission per week goal throughout the spring and summer months and counting the 16 rejections and two acceptances, that figures about right. That said, shouldn't I be getting some mail? Like maybe some response from the places I submitted to over six months ago?

Again, I just need something to focus on to keep me sane. And actually, I'm pretty proud of my submission progress. It keeps me grounded. My actual publication progress is another story.

Off to re-read Brandi's and Garrett's book manuscripts which we are re-swapping (after reading and critiquing each other's work) on Sunday. Good times. And good poems. And hopefully good drinks on Sunday.


Nick said...

Good luck with these! I'm in the process of preparing about 25 sub packets. Hopefully, something will land somewhere. It feels like I'm playing roulette where I'd like to cover most of the bets but I know I just can't.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

That's about the same number I have out. I'm in the process of trimming the number of poems I have in circulation while increasing the number of places I circulate them simultaneously.

Patty said...

I admire your committment to subbing. I tend to sub in spurts. Nothing for awhile, then out of the blue I'll be seized by the need to get stuff out. Right now I'm looking for placed who accept online subs, since it would be really hard to send poems from Qatar.