Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Birthday Song

A new poem, on the occasion that it is my last day as a 28 year-old. Slightly inspired by Scott, but what else is new?

Dway-berry dribble like muscle blood, fun because of poison. Bent. Loose habitual slide of tongue between orbs. Thalam, under arching boughs. Thicket. The guitar, though convincing, does not speak loosely. In the creviced instant, I am covered in saffron. You are pressing me into strands because of autumn, because of hibernation. If I told you I am there, you would be a shoreline, spreading infinitely away from me. A useless tide. For now. Burrow. Scurry. Clam foot, your anchoring fear. Thunder, a trembling nerve beats a chamade to lure you here. Parleyvoo. My trembling tune. Sleeping wisp of foam drags sand. I cannot help my lips. They become an envelope, arriving nowhere.


Jan said...

How's it going. I recieved this:

Hey Check my blog jan! I like your pictures are you aZn?


...which doesn't seem exactly representative of your blog/lifestyle. But you know, to each his own. I like your site. Keep it up, see you around. -Jan

Scott Glassman said...

oooo, post this one to Runes . . . if you want . . . stunning ending, powerful, comes from a deep place, no?

brandijay said...

Hey girly,

Happy birthday!! Miss you and hope all is well, b

poetzie said...

Sorry, Jan. That wasn't me. I don't even know what "aZn" means and I strive to have correct punctuation at all times, but thanks for stopping by :)

Penultimatina said...

Happy birthday, dear Mackenzie! 29 is a great age, despite the odd number.

Many hugs, and much cheer!

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...


Sorry I missed you this time around. My son's birthday was today. 11. Hits me in a funny way.

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

I love it and i can't help it -- Why not start it with "The guitar. . ." I love that line, and all the rest. What would you really lose by omitting what comes before; or seed another poem with it. I just think the poem is so solid on its own.

Or, opening lines woven into middle after "useless tide" and up until "Thalam" which, to my ear, might follow "your anchoring fear. Thalam, under arching boughs. Thicket. Thunder, a trembling...".

Justin Evans said...

Happy Birthday! Be sure to do something fun.

Nick said...

Buon Compleanno! I hope that you had a nice birthday.