Monday, September 19, 2005

Because I have nothing else to offer save a small butt. . .

Here's a poem from Runes to break my drought. Other exciting news from my life includes Eliot's first steps yesterday afternoon and his first birthday on Friday. I got a haircut today. I have tendonitis in my knee which will hopefully not prevent me from running a marathon in three short weeks. I bought some new jeans today, size four. I'm currently toasting myself with a glass of wine.

After seeing a photograph of nothing in particular

At the mention
of distance,
your bones flower
into spores
and blank, fibrous
diamonds. What
gives? Cannon
ball. Belly
flop. Chisel stars
out of photographs
and make
a charm-bracelet. Who
would you give
it to? I sparkle.
I focus. A cluster
of signatures
form a canopy. Banyon.
Fused above
and below.
circle, navel.
The eye
of storm and
the ridge
of shelf cloud.

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