Saturday, October 22, 2005

on ahead

walk. so far behind. in always light of copper spoons. ending slips past my iris-rim. slips in because I let it. slips in because you are so far behind. slips in because the spoon is only a vehicle. why aren’t you. catching me. walk. a casual meander. ending walks in light. my wake is copper light. too far behind. twice removed from orange. the light asleep but on me. finds you already dreaming. what do I do. but shine. too awake to reach you.


Scalljah said...

Wrapped so deep
the casual

spool of copper light

it slips past

the tenor's reach

trips over the vehicle
of existence
and stumbles
so far out there
into metaphor

it removes
what dreams
in the casual talk
what rim shone

encorouged her to identify
through written explorations
in various form
each piece of her
be it script, fiction or poetry

accompanied by self assesment prose reflections
that made belief
the mandatory construction method
in a process of benifit

conducting her own service
as both priestess and congregation
the one sole barometer of what haves
and is lacking

poetzie said...

thanks, Scalljah. I like "spool of copper light" a lot. Since it's on my blog, does that mean I own it? :) Just kidding.