Saturday, October 01, 2005

29 is fine

I was on the phone with friends almost all day yesterday, which was great. I felt like a celebrity or something. And when I wasn't on the phone, Eliot was playing with it, which means I actually missed calls, if you can believe it. I guess that day-after-the-birthday phone call is more popular among my friends, especially when your b-day is on a Thursday.

I had a ten-hour flu last night. Very bizarre and not fun, but I feel spiffy now, so whatever. The strangest thing is that I didn't even leave the house yesterday but to walk the dog. . .I'm not sure where it came from. But be aware- it's going around.

t-minus eight days until the marathon. I'm excited to get it over with and not having it hang over my head anymore- what a relief that will be. t-minus six months until I take my exams and one of my faculty members will not even email me back to schedule a meeting. I've been waiting for three weeks now. That list is the least completed-- only has 10 books on it so far. I'm starting to really doubt whether or not I'll be able to pull that one together or not. I wish I knew more teachers. I really got screwed when Michael Anania retired- I took two great classes from him and definitely would have done a list with him if he were still at UIC. But alas. I'm left grasping at straws. Frustration.

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Steven D. Schroeder said...

Happy day after your birthday! :-)