Thursday, July 28, 2005

abecedarian time

Time for more games! Some of my attempts at abecedarian, though none very valiant. It helps to try, though, to push yourself out of normal conventions, like I tend to overuse the construction ____________ of __________. I can only do that once in an abecedarian :)

After blue Chinese
drums, everybody found glass
hiding in jupiter’s king lightning.
Maximum nexus opens
peonies, quill
reverberating slowly
there under various whispers.
X-rated yellow zygoma.

Aftermath bellows carefully,
drifting elephant fever
gathers heather. Impossible.
Just keep longing muscle necks
open properly. Quality refers simply
to underbelly violet. Warsaw. Xanthus yippee zydeco.

please feel free to post your attempts. . .


Scott Glassman said...

the ______ of _______ is one construction i have a hard time getting away from. lots of abecedarians could help, I think, but I never thought of it helping that way before you mentioned it.

i love "elephant fever gathers heather"-- what a great image!

youki said...

Hey lady--

You're on a roll of kick-ass poetry. I'm envious. I love that same line as SG "elephant fever gathers heather"!!



Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Hey! You two inspired me, I wrote one, a hay(na)ku one after Scott which I posted on the blog this morning. I never try stuff like this. Thanks, Scott!