Tuesday, July 26, 2005

unconscious mutterings from lunanina (thanks to Lorna)


  1. Believing::gone into language gone
  2. Invasion::battle of red bicycles in sand
  3. Boys::two teeth and blue eyes
  4. Island::tree not like a vine but a funnel
  5. Repeatedly::and I'll ask you again
  6. Normal::that it would be so easy
  7. Hex::sex
  8. Tuxedo::shaving cream and streamers
  9. Virgin::should have flushed the toilet
  10. Cereal::eyes in the o's are unreal


Scott Glassman said...

what would it look like i wonder? me free-associating on words you pick from your poem, and vice versa. a list of 10 is perfect. and then using the other's results to make a new poem.

poetzie said...

Oooh. Count me in. Shall I email you some nuggets?