Wednesday, July 13, 2005

All the talk of Langauge Poetry is getting to me. . .

Can anyone make any sense of this? I suppose if you say anything about "desire" you'd be right on. For some reason, this poem keeps reminding me of an old line in my poem "February": "That the end of every poem should be naked" To me, this whole poem is naked. (Is it just absolutely boorish to quote your own poems while explaining your own poems? I suppose it's boorish to explain your own poems at all. . .) Enjoy the newest concoction, pun intended.

bear in the air

you follicular me corps me
annotate me balloon me
you prod me diethylstilbestrol me
get over it in the cotton
if it’s open to getting

you billboard me diverge me
study me cosmic me
you amygdaline me oliver me
strange pluck of recent cymbal
like your undone mystical thrust

you fenugreek me rayleigh me
gabardine me hydrofuge me
pin me to a lupine forest without
mush drawers mechanism of sorting

you venturi me command me
ossify me barnacle me
beautiful ocean in a handwriting cassette
instead of knowing instead


Cheryl said...

Hey there! I found your blog through a post on chris' blog. I thought Id stop by and say hello!
I really dig this poem. The rhythm to it is fantastic. Its something I would hear in NYC or here in Boston at a poetry Jam/Slam.

Tony said...

Yes, of course this poem is about desire. And it's a good one to boot.

The "you blank me" rhetorical construction is what helps the "average reader" make "sense" of it.

But the word choice is what makes it interesting.


poetzie said...

Thanks Tony! I didn't think you'd like it. I'm not even sure if I do. . .but you make a good case. . .

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

love it
right on, Tony