Friday, July 29, 2005

Oh well

As most people (accurately) point out, it's virtually impossible to have an opinion of what I should call my manuscript if you haven't actually read the manuscript. I definitely appreciate the comments, though, and as of yet have no earthly idea what to call this thing. After some thinking about everyone's comments, I thought about this: Simone suggested that I put the poem about Mary into the manuscript, which I will surely do, so in light of this, I'm contemplating the title of that poem, which I like a lot, as the title of the manuscript:

leave, light, entropy

There seems to be a stillness about this title, yet also a movement that either will happen or really wants to happen. I'd like to think that my poems hold an energy like this. The word entropy is certainly an enticing one. It even has the word "trope" in it, which makes it even more tempting. I hope I can figure this out soon. It's hurting my brain. I think this might be my favorite so far.

On a lighter note, my husband, Brian, suggested the title "catastrophic sandwich nugget" to really entice the reader. I mean, who doesn't like sandwiches? And it's pretty poetic. Oh well, he tries. Not bad for a computer scientist, I suppose:)

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