Thursday, August 18, 2005

A new poem

I'm posting from my *new* and fabulous office at school today, which is wierd. I needed a break from syllabus writing, so here's the latest fruit of my collaborative project with scott. He has a great poem up as well!

Carnage, Pixels
inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's "Brushstroke with Spatter," 1966

You blur into drear, stigmatism focus on fake drips,

on fake intermittent light smear, on callous

glamour smear, shaken hand in bountiful sinews.

You give me a filled carcass, a shaken boxcar, a forest guile,

a hidden smile, more guile for the long trip through briar bayou.

Blue briars into you, slick martini eyes. The drag,

the influence of drag, the martini gleam effluvium taking over

squirrel-tooth effluvium. Come in bold, balance, entitled

rails we ride on, entitled something it wears, killer sari button

on the move down. So sorry for your hands.


Justin Evans said...

I really enjoy how you have alliteration seemingly overlapped as the poem progresses. Very nice progression of sounds!

Scott Glassman said...

I wanted to add, you use some fantastically surprising images in this one, my favorites are:

a shaken boxcar

slick martini eyes

squirrel-tooth effluvium

killer sari button