Saturday, March 21, 2015


It's day 21 of the Tupelo Press 30/30 challenge, and I'm going to cheat a little today. While I usually use a word of the day for today, I'm going to use yesterday's word of the day from because I can't resist. I just have to. The word is anthesis, a botany term for the "period or act of expansion in flowers, especially the maturing of stamens." I love botany terms. I love poems.


this is how it's happening. parabolas. the electric charge. urban noise. public transportation. that was over a decade ago, the stretch. spring of city. it felt like you were always planning to arrive. the way you were  born--infection. interruption. now, when I watch you, I watch expansion. you are gracefully on fire. it's easy to believe you will change the world. you go now to find a question. goodbye. now now. city still alive inside. you were never small. now you know how to lift. blur circles into mouths into eloquent words. you are even taller today than the last. you speak as if speaking is dancing  running  waterfalls. it will be the most difficult blossoming to watch, the more. further away you unfold. me always to enfold. 

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