Sunday, March 22, 2015


Day 22 of the Tupelo Press 30/30 challenge is inspired by a strange word,'s word of the day: gibber. I imagine this is where the word gibberish comes from, as it means pretty much the same thing. This poem is inspired by a conversation between my oldest two kiddos while they played Roblox together. It was pretty fun to write.


one potato two potato
                  another love poem
she says whisker accidentally
because I dreamt about you
for all my life
(all of you & all about you)
                 all of a sudden
                 I need more time

three potato four
                  she meant to say whisper
hush & hush
now I can see inside of her
your face & the other
                 & she sleeps so immediately

five potato six potato
                  the musical fragments
I am not a god. 
can you make me a god, please?
you move along in the shady caverns
how many scraps of colored paper and pulp
                 creep out of these moments

seven potato more
                 sometimes I wonder how I can be
only one
and often I feel like a fraction
(you say decimal)
I imagine stone as I imagine quarry
                 I am hardly ready to be buried

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