Thursday, March 05, 2015


For my Tupelo Press 30/30, I'm definitely approaching it as an experiment. Here's what I'm thinking:

An experiment that I do every once in a while when I want to write but have nothing to write "about" (as if . . .) is to go to a or other definition-type place to find a word of the day. I will then latch on to the word in whatever fashion I can/will/do and fashion a poem around it. It's just a generation exercise.

Following the success I've had with this approach, I think I'll adopt the following process for my daily poetry experiments: I will go to the NY Times Word of the Day and use each word there respectively as the title (or maybe some variation thereof).

Here's today's poem: (also available at

for Violet

she will have been
the multitude
scroll of fractal cloud, wisp
the lift
tossed from glitter-skin folds
the place
to the softest cusp of arms
the reconciliation
how we couldn't go there anymore
the smallest explosions imaginable
slate blue like the corners of ocean
the curve
alive and strings and bare and open
the scrutiny
she is the slightest form of day
the cleanest version of immersion
she will fall into you
the sphere
the storm
the space you didn't know you had between your thoughts

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