Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Here is today's 30/30 Tupelo Press poem. The word of the day, courtesy of the NT Times, is bawdy. I don't really like this word, but I guess that becomes part of the challenge.

I've chosen the  abecedarian form for today, a poem that starts with a word that starts with an "a" and then consecutively uses "b" as the first letter of the next word, then "c" and so on through the entire alphabet. This is a great exercise to throw poets out of their usual language patterns, which I'm horribly guilty of. The poems (and the poets) can get weird, too, which I love.


alkaline biology.
didn't eloquence finally gather heat?
it just keeps leveling.
multiple nuclei open purpose.
quantify ribald secondary tryst.
under violent water, xanthic yearning zygoma.

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