Sunday, March 29, 2015


We are in the finishing stretch: day 29 of the 30/30 Tupelo Press challenge. To recap, I've been writing a poem a day for every day of the month of March. I've been using "words of the day" from the NY Times Learning Network as well as (on weekends when NY Times doesn't put out a word) as points of inspiration for the poems.

The point of the 30/30 challenge is to raise money and awareness for Tupelo Press, a poetry press that supports voices of all shapes, sizes, and colors in their publication of new work. If you like the work I'm doing here or you believe in the power of poetry to initiate change, please consider donating.

Today's word of the day is globular. I think of something gelatinous when I think of globular, though what I want to think about is an actual globe. Not sure what's coming out here.


she asks about the eggs. where.
the surprise when they open.

snare drum. a clock and it's sounds.
sunday would have been a good day

to speak honestly 
about the weather.

to speak honestly about how
you pinch the happiness at the stem

before it manifests. I recuse. a fresh
cutting off. I was waiting for a space

to think inside of. 
that is the tragedy of today's story.

I haven't been following, you say.
I've known it all along. the crown

unravels from the friction.
her body is so small

and cubic. inside, the screen door
fails to hold me in. I've lost so many of these

battles with myself. cannonball. pieces.
preparing for another end.

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