Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It's time for today's 30/30 Tupelo Press Poem of the day, inspired by the NY Times word of the day, which today, is really awesome. Today's word is regicide--the killing of a king--which is just ripe with figurative goodness.

Because I love the series so much, I will look again to the Dusie Tuesday poem, which today is a beautiful Translation today of Erin Moure by Chus Pato. I'm looking to this poem mostly for form/flow inspiration. It's simply riveting. I mean, it has mermaids in it. Rock.

I'm doing a pretty pathetic job of raising money for Tupelo press, so please, if you are enjoying these poems at all, please donate $5, $10, anything you can. Remember to put my name in the comments section. We need to support platforms like Tupelo Press that encourage writers to write and think and grow and question.


the woodgrain
to a body
or claims it

we imagine
it might have happened in a forest
or in a castle
(everyone likes to imagine themselves in a castle)
or on the smallest cellular level 
of their collective

where to go
after killing a king
or a mother
or a part of yourself that reins you in

there will be new kings and mothers

inside of you, there is an infinite number
of ways to go
to launch like blossoming
to catapult like music
like a sphere
and it hurts to love that killing
like it hurts to watch 
a mother almost die
and sort of die
and partially die 
and then come back with infinite patterns
all of them alive     vibrating      astonishingly possible

it hurts to love that killing
but you love it nonetheless
and you do it over and over again
and the music
and the infinity you own
the hard and soft of it
the bitter and sweet of it
the circular woodgrain of it
the bloody cavity of it
will eventually release you

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