Friday, March 06, 2015


Today's word is incandescent--not a poetic stretch for me since so much of my work revolves around light and images of light, but I'm grateful for a gimme since we are still early in the game. I tried to also play with the language from the NY times usage excerpt, which I found to be full of bizarre and decontextualized references, which I love. Today, quatrains. Some capitalization. Maybe some end punctuation tomorrow!

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Idea of
you reading in the corner in the light of similar mornings
Vision of
eyes behind you always on fire

As a result of
in the red shine you come undone
Brilliance of
the forging circles, platelets, undefined carriers

Glint of
canvas you set fire to
Landscape of
color draft feeling the blowback

Painting of
the moment you're drifting you don't even know you're going away
Opening of
why a shy ray

Possibility of
glow, she says, her back blending with driftwood
Sketch of
gold, camera, a path among the wildflowers

In the foreground of
the day when you might almost collapse, but you glisten instead
Viewpoint of
the pivotal silhouette

The power of
conflagration, the way you open your spine
The stigmatism of
the spark and the shadow always behind it

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