Saturday, March 14, 2015


It's time for the Tupelo Press 30/30 poem of the day! Because it's the weekend, we switch over once again to's word of the day. Today the word is dysphemism, which is a sort of substitution of a harsh or unpleasant word for a more acceptable or neutral one.


Something put on.
Your origami eyes.
Deliver the animal.
Crown the least likely to benefit.
Switch the carving light.
There are animals who hate you.
I am an animal.
When I dreamt of him.
Like cloud.
Like touching me was easy.
He never did.
Then he did.
Where do I go?
Run from the solid, primal animal.

I am an animal.
I hear you from a distance.
The story had no distance, no directions for folding this flap or that corner.
It was by design.

Remove the keystone.
Again, emblem.
Again, butterfly and the inability to measure.
Warm patterns, alternating breadth.

Leaving and going are two very different things.

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