Monday, March 16, 2015


Today's Tupelo Press 30/30 poem is based on the NY Times word of the Day, improvident. I like the mystical feel of the word, but that it is a negative (im-), it turns that mysticism on its head. This is interesting to me.


"a cavity is a large force"
Lyn Hejinian, 
Writing Is an Aid to Memory

she feels like she's been
thinking for a hundred years
like she knows the mighty force
and cozy paradise
and how all things work to make her miserable
even beautiful things
(things that plump your heart
and key new sentiment
on most tired, dark faces)

sadness is your own sadness
it doesn't have bridges, or
it only works to touch what wants to
let it in
it runs faster than birds
she doesn’t even know how to run

we wonder how many times she will walk
by the healing man
watch his molecules 
disassemble and reassemble
observe the fissures and smudges of light 
that erupt through his utterances
         how much easier it is
to just fall deeper
than to rearrange every fiber and microfiber

put it away, she says
it’s all so far away
the time she kissed a boy
in the water
she had never tasted anything
so salty
the harder you work it
the less likely you are
to recognize the hollow

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